Pre-1933 $10 Liberty AU (Random Year)

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The $10 Liberty Gold Eagle Coin was first minted in 1838. Since its discontinuation by the United States Mint in 1907, obtaining one of these rare pieces that are still in good condition has become quite challenging. Fortunately, we are pleased to offer you this collection of newly cleaned Liberty Gold Eagle coins, each with a gold content of .48375 troy oz. Although the condition of each coin may vary, all coins have received the utmost care with regard to residue and debris removal. Coins have also been carefully packaged in individual vinyl cases or protective tubes to maintain their cleaned condition.

Upon viewing the front image, collectors are certain to recognize the Greco-Roman influences in the design. Lady Liberty is depicted in profile with a crown on her head, much like the emperors and rulers who were featured on ancient Greek and Roman coins. Similarly, the stars and mintage date circling the portrait appear in the same arched pattern used in classical currency designs.

In contrast, the reverse side of the coin bears a strong resemblance to our modern-day currency which is stamped with the Great Seal of the United States. Just like contemporary coins, this emblem consists of a spread-winged bald eagle behind a shield. With its talons clenching an olive branch and a set of arrows, it symbolizes the peace our nation strives to protect. Due to a design change in 1866, the only coins minted after this date will display the In God We Trust banner above the eagle.

Customers: Please note we will select coins from years 1838-1907 to fulfill your order based on our inventory.