$1,000 Face Bag – 90% US Silver Coins

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90% Silver Bags 715 oz $ 1000.00 FACE The 90% bags of silver consist of dimes, quarters minted from 1916 through 1964. The industry-standard term for the unit of measure of 90% silver is a “Bag.” A bag of 90% silver consists of $1,000 of the face value of the coin’s denomination. Fractional amounts are acceptable. 10c/25c Every bag contains a combination of 90% silver coins dated 1964 or earlier, and all coins will ship in a canvas bag. Beginning in 1965, as customers may know, the U.S. Mint began to subtract pure silver from the minting process reducing the 90% silver purity to 40%. Now, of course, the mint has completely removed pure silver from the mix. Today, those 1964 and earlier coins are extremely collectible as they represent a historical era in U.S. minting and contain 90% pure silver. In each bag, customers will either see a mix of coins containing different denominations or a bag including all dimes or quarters dated 1964 and earlier. We fill them at our discretion based on our inventory when orders are placed. Each bag contains approximately 357.50 ounces of pure silver, making these $500 face value bags of 90% silver coins a considerable investment that will enhance your portfolio of tangible wealth. Whether you are buying these bags of silver coins for investment reasons or simply wish to add them to your collection, you’ll find they are an excellent product in every respect. Please note that the coins all reflect varying degrees of condition. We package each order discreetly with security in mind. We also ensure every mailing is a protection for our customers. If a package is lost or goes astray, our customers will be fully covered in the rare event.