we are GoldPro

Welcome to GoldPro, where financial innovation meets the timeless allure of precious metals. At GoldPro, we’re dedicated to reshaping the landscape of wealth management, providing a seamless fusion of traditional banking services and cutting-edge technology. Discover a new era of financial possibilities as we pave the way for secure, diversified, and accessible investment experiences. Join us on this journey as we redefine the future of finance.

the mission

To deliver access to unlimited economic freedom and opportunity, giving custody, choice and control to every being.

The Vision

To build, provide and grow a banking ecosystem that can protect and amplify our ability to co operate and enable humanity.

Meet the founders

John Vakis

CEO, Director

Alexandros Alexandrou

COO, Director


CCO, Director


Our back office

Direct and constant customer service managing and protecting client needs and value.

Goldpro is proud to partner with a number of top tier traditional and e banks to provide and deliver to the needs of its customers.

GoldPro office

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